Product Content

The Landsat-8 30m HLS product consists of surface reflectance derived from all Landsat-8 L1T products. Products are gridded with the Sentinel-2 tiling scheme and include nadir-adjustment.

Values correspond to nadir-adjusted* Surface Reflectance (SR) and TOA apparent temperature.

(*) Nadir-view, constant sun angle depending on the center latitude of the tile.

Product specification

  • Spatial: 30m
  • Spectral: As input
  • temporal: All Landsat-8 L1 products from T1/T2 in Collection-1
  • Nadir-adjustment: Yes

Output Projection & Gridding

Product gridding is based on the Sentinel-2 tile (granules) scheme defined by ESA. Product are 109.80×109.80 km2 in UTM/WGS84 projection. They are identified by a Tile ID that start with a UTM zone and latitude band (e.g. Tile 18SUJ is located in UTM zone 18 and latitude band S). Each UTM zone and latitude band polygon is split into the 109.80×109.80 km2 tiles that slightly overlap. A table with each Tiles ID with coordinate of the upper-left pixel, tile size can be downloaded here.

Spatial resampling algorithm

OLI/TIRS 30m data are resampled using a cubic convolution method during gridding, to
account for coordinate difference between USGS Landsat WRS system and ESA Sentinel-2
tiling system (USGS places the pixel center at the coordinate origin of a UTM zone, but ESA places a pixel corner on the origin – half a pixel offset for 30m HLS; potentially two different UTM zones; relative error between the two systems).

File Naming

Each tile is stored in a single HDF file. File naming convention follows:

HLS.L30.<Tile_ID>.<year>.<doy>.v<version number>.hdf

SDS description

The table below gives a quick description of the layers included in the product.

Band Name Data type Scale Unit saturation flag nadir adj. Description Spatial
1 Coastal aerosol int16 0.0001 unitless 12000 yes Nadir-adjusted
Surface Reflectance
2 Blue int16 0.0001 unitless 12000
3 Green int16 0.0001 unitless 12000
4 Red int16 0.0001 unitless 12000
5 NIR int16 0.0001 unitless 12000
6 SWIR 1 int16 0.0001 unitless 12000
7 SWIR 2 int16 0.0001 unitless 12000
8 TIRS 10 int16 0.01 Celsius ?? TOA BT
12 QA uint8 refer to the QA table for bit information