Product Content

The HLS 30m Landsat product consists of surface reflectance and brightness temperature derived from all Landsat L1TP input. The product is gridded with the Sentinel-2 tiling system and includes view angle normalization (nadir view) for the solar reflective bands.

Product specification

  • Spatial: 30 m
  • Spectral: As input
  • Temporal: All Landsat-8/9 L1TP products in Collection-2
  • Nadir view adjustment: Yes

Spatial resampling algorithm

Cubic convolution is used to resample Landsat OLI/TIRS 30m spectral data into MGRS, to account for the pixel positioning difference between Landsat and Sentinel-2 tiling (USGS places the UTM coordinate origin at a pixel center, while ESA places the origin at a pixel corner) and that Landsat and Sentinel-2 input can come from two different UTM zones.

File Naming

Each data layer is saved in a separate Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG) file. File naming follows a format:

HLS.L30.T<Tile_ID>.<year><doy>T<HHMMSS>.v<version number>.<Band>.tif

Data layer description

The table below gives a quick description of the layers included in the product.

Band Name Data type Scale Unit Saturation Flag Spatial
Nadir Adj. Description
Coastal aerosol int16 0.0001 unitless 12000 30 yes Nadir-adjusted
Surface Reflectance
Blue int16 0.0001 unitless 12000
Green int16 0.0001 unitless 12000
Red int16 0.0001 unitless 12000
NIR int16 0.0001 unitless 12000
SWIR 1 int16 0.0001 unitless 12000
SWIR 2 int16 0.0001 unitless 12000
TIRS B10 int16 0.01 Celsius TOA BT
TIRS B11 int16 0.01 Celsius TOA BT
QA uint8 refer to the QA table in the User’s Guide for bit information