This is QA for HLS v1.3. The QA for v1.4 will be available soon.
The HLS QA was performed through the cross-comparison between MODIS MOD09CMG products and S30/L30 products. The procedure is the same as the one introduced in Claverie et al. (2015, RSE).
Cross-comparison results are presented in a table including RMSD, bias and Unbiased-RMSD for each products. Links to individual (i.e. one product) cross-comparison graphs are provided. Statistics of the data coverage, the cloud, cirrus, coud-shadow, water and snow coverages are also reported. Links to QUICKLOOKS at reduced and full resolution, including an overlay of the masks, are provided.
The Full (i.e. all HLS products) Table of the Cross-comparison with MODIS can be accessed here

The map below link to all HLS sites with the associated Table of the Cross-comparison with MODIS. Click on the tile areas to display the QA per tile and click on the blue pushpins to display the QA per site (corresponding tiles are contoured in blue).